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Global Warming

Global Warming is said to be a problem that has the capability and impact to overturn our current civilization.  How should we perceive this problem and how should we act?  I founded this company because I wanted to consider and find ways to tackle this problem with you. 

I think that it is not too much to say the current capitalism system at the bottom of the line is a competition of how fast and cheap we can transform earths resource into a product that can be delivered to humans.  This system has a great benefit to elevate our quality of life in many aspects, but at the same time, under circumstances where proper environmental regulation or funding is not in place it is proven to enhance the destruction of the environment.  Green house gas emissions and global warming are linked tightly together with economic growth and the problem between developed countries and developing countries, and are a problem at the heart of this system.  

Desire for a better environment and a new Value

Day after day as we hear and start to really feel the environment degrading, I believe that most people, at least to some extent have the desire for a better environment for themselves and their following generation.  There have been many people who have taken action to materialize their desire through methods such as research, developing energy saving technologies or products, purchasing them, carrying out small ideas and manual efforts, recycling, planting trees, investing, donating, volunteer activities.  But when we look at the total numbers, most of these desires toward the environment are still only in the mind and have not yet been linked to actually conserving the environment.   So what can we do? We are hoping to help you materialize your desire for a better environment by providing you with the right information and methods. 

Fulfilling and materializing ones desire for a better environment. Can we not call this a new value?  And would it not be such a great thing if this new value was blended into the current market?  If this were to come true, and the right ration blended it would mean that the consumer with his/her will and hands has built its own sustainable future.  We believe strongly that scrambling together everybody’s desire for a better environment will constitute a stronger force that will lead our society and civilization to a more sustainable one.  

We hope to do our best and welcome any opinions, help or advice that you may have for us.
Thank you

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