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Certificate Source Detail


Certificate Source ID cer-0667-c
Certificate Source Emission Credit Cancel / Brazil : Braco Norte III Small Hydro Plant ( Ref.0667 )
Certificate Type Issuable CO2 Reduction Certificate
Bases of Certificate Issuance Transfer CERs ( Certified Emission Reduction ) to cancelation account
Credit Unit ton (CO2 Equivalant)


Ratio Ref No. Host Country Project Name Sector
100 % 0667 Brazil Braco Norte III Small Hydro Plant Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
Summary This project is carried out by Guaranta Energetica Ltda. Through a sustainable and renewable energy source of hydro, it has the purpose to reduce energy tansmission losses and provide stability to the system as well as contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.With a small reservoir,this hydro generator has almost no environmental impact and will approximatly generate 75 million kWh of electricity and estimated to reduce 40,026 tCO2e annually.
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Issued Certificates and Owner Detail ( Sub Certificate Excluded )

User Type Reduction Amount Entity Count Certificates Issued
Organization 37 t 9 17
Individual 182.2 t 37 39
Total 219.2 t 46 56

Inventory of Disabled Credits

Disabled Credits 500 t
Owned 219.2 t
Not Owned 280.8 t

Credit Disable Operation List

Operation Date Operation Type Operation Detail Operation Amount Documentation
2008/06/06 Emission Credit Disable Transfer Cancel 500 t PDF