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CO2 Reduction Certificate
This certifies that you have contributed to reducing Green House Gas Emissions through the Kyoto Mechanism.
Certificate ID 7873-9207
Amount 86 ton (CO2 Equivalant)
Owner ID 3608-3244
Credit Type Certified Emission Reduction ( CER )
Certificate Source Emission Credit Cancel / India : 6.75 MW Small Scale Grid Connected “Wind Electricity Generation Project” by Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited. ( Ref.1053 )

Owner Handle Name EcoDeNet
Start Date 2020/02/20

Overview of carbon offset

Carbon offset organization EcoDeNet
Calculation Calculation boundary The following emissions associated with the Ecodesign 2019 conference are included in the calculation.
  • Emissions from catering (foods and drinks)
  • Emissions from international traveling of attendants
Calculation method ■GHG emissions from catering (foods and drinks)
For catering, meals and coffee breaks during the conference, GHG emissions were calculated from the number of participants in the conference and the amount of food and drink per person using the following formula, Regarding food and drink content, general lunch and dinner data and individual data provided by the organizer.
(GHG emissions from catoring)=
  Σ(Number of people)×(Food consumption per person)×(GHG emissions per unit of food and drink)

■GHG emissions from international traveling of attendants
With regard to the air distance between countries, the travel distance was calculated using the“Flight CO2 Calculator(TCO2)". As for the travel distance, the route that is the closest from the departure point to Tokyo was adopted. The means of transportation was international airlines. GHG emissions were calculated using the following formula for transportation.
(Emissions from international traveling)=
  Σ(Travel distance of aviation)×(GHG emission intensity of aviation)

Calculated amount 85.6ton(Catoring:5.0 ton International Travel:80.6 ton )
Self reduction efforts Minimization of food loss


Item Reference
International aviation travel Flight CO2 Calculator(TCO2), TCO2 Co., Ltd.
GHG emission database LCI database IDEA version 2.2 (18 January 2018) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Safety and Scientific Research Department Research Laboratory for IDEA Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI)


What is a CO2 Reduction Certificate? Is it the same as Carbon Offset?

A CO2 Reduction Certificate is a Certificate that proves that you have reduced Green House Gas Emissions which cause Global Warming. Please refer to this page for details.

What is the differenct between a CO2 Reduction Certificate and a Carbon Offset Certificate ?

A CO2 REDUCTION CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been CANCELLED by the owner. On the other hand A CARBON OFFSET CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been RETIRED by the owner. Please refer to the question What is the difference between cancelling and retiring Emission Credits? for a more detailed explanation.

Emission Credits and CO2 Reduction Certificate in 3 minutes

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