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CO2 Reduction Certificate
This certifies that you have contributed to reducing Green House Gas Emissions through the Kyoto Mechanism.
Certificate ID 5873-1234
Amount 4.4 ton (CO2 Equivalant)
Owner ID 1005-0361
Credit Type Certified Emission Reduction ( CER )
Certificate Source Emission Credit Cancel / India : 6.75 MW Small Scale Grid Connected “Wind Electricity Generation Project” by Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited. ( Ref.1053 )

Owner Handle Name TCO2株式会社
Start Date 2011/12/25

Certificate Split Info

⁂Part or all of the amount on this Certificate is divided into multiple Sub Certificates and distributed to others. So for the total amount listed bellow, the owners of the Sub Certificates are the actual offset executors of the offset and the owner of this certificate has only disabled the emission credits in behalf of these Sub Certificate owners.

Weight x Quantity
5.6 [ kg ] x 780 [ sheets ]

Sub Certificate List

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Sub Certificate ID Owner Message
5873-1234-00-0427 西森 郁馬 新しい年が幸多き一年になりますように…
5873-1234-00-0339 小野光司 ありがとうございます。
5873-1234-00-0712 別所和宏
5873-1234-00-0023 jamc伊藤 今年も環境負荷改善に皆さんと一緒に取り組んでいきます。
5873-1234-00-0411 杉本 善輝
5873-1234-00-0779 (株)ジャパン・スリーブ
5873-1234-00-0051 株式会社 新藤 ありがとうございました。 正畠様の益々のご活躍が楽しみです。
5873-1234-00-0092 階戸和則
5873-1234-00-0723 堀有伸 少しづつ、マイペースで環境のことを考えていきたいと思います。
5873-1234-00-0761 KH ありがとうございます。


What is a CO2 Reduction Certificate? Is it the same as Carbon Offset?

A CO2 Reduction Certificate is a Certificate that proves that you have reduced Green House Gas Emissions which cause Global Warming. Please refer to this page for details.

What is the differenct between a CO2 Reduction Certificate and a Carbon Offset Certificate ?

A CO2 REDUCTION CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been CANCELLED by the owner. On the other hand A CARBON OFFSET CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been RETIRED by the owner. Please refer to the question What is the difference between cancelling and retiring Emission Credits? for a more detailed explanation.

Emission Credits and CO2 Reduction Certificate in 3 minutes

This is for those of you who may think .. .
"A certificate that proves that you have reduced CO2? Sounds pretty fishy. Well Ive heard of Emission Trading but I dont understand the details very well."
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