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Carbon Offset Certificate
This certifies that you have contributed to the acheivement of Japans Green House Gas reduction target set by the Kyoto Protocol.
Certificate ID 4273-4160
Amount 12.1 ton (CO2 Equivalant)
Owner ID 4206-0979
Credit Type Certified Emission Reduction ( CER )
Certificate Source Emission Credit Retire / India : 6.75 MW Small Scale Grid Connected “Wind Electricity Generation Project” by Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited. ( Ref.1053 )

Owner Handle Name 株式会社イゾイ
Start Date 2017/08/25
三菱電機 MY-v450231/N AHTN LEDベースライト  17 台
三菱電機 KSH1951B 1EL C級LED誘導灯       2 台
東芝 LEDD85031Y センサー付LEDダウンライト本体 4 台
東芝 LDF5N-H-GX53/500 同上用LEDランプ     4 個


What is a Carbon Offset Certificate ?

A Carbon Offset Certificate is a Certificate that proves that you have Retired Emission Credits and have helped the Country of Japan to achieve its Kyoto Target.

What is the differenct between a CO2 Reduction Certificate and a Carbon Offset Certificate ?

A CO2 REDUCTION CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been CANCELLED by the owner. On the other hand A CARBON OFFSET CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been RETIRED by the owner. Please refer to the question What is the difference between cancelling and retiring Emission Credits? for a more detailed explanation.

Emission Credits and CO2 Reduction Certificate in 3 minutes

This is for those of you who may think .. .
"A certificate that proves that you have reduced CO2? Sounds pretty fishy. Well Ive heard of Emission Trading but I dont understand the details very well."
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