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CO2 Reduction Certificate
This certifies that you have contributed to reducing Green House Gas Emissions through the Kyoto Mechanism.
Certificate ID 1468-4451
Amount 1 ton (CO2 Equivalant)
Owner ID 3006-4657
Credit Type Certified Emission Reduction ( CER )
Certificate Source Emission Credit Cancel / Brazil : Braco Norte III Small Hydro Plant ( Ref.0667 )

Owner Handle Name 南極ペンギン
Start Date 2010/02/27


What is equivalent to 1 ton of CO2?

The weight of 1 Bear or a small car

The volume of a 25m swimming pool ( lxwxd=25x10x2 m)

The average per capita emissions of 2.5 weeks of an American , 5 weeks of a Japanese , 3 months of a Chinese or 1 year of an Indian.

Emissions when driving 4300km in an average car

half of the household emissions of an average Japanese

Cedar tree carbon sequestration per year in an area of 2 bascketball courts

What is a CO2 Reduction Certificate? Is it the same as Carbon Offset?

A CO2 Reduction Certificate is a Certificate that proves that you have reduced Green House Gas Emissions which cause Global Warming. Please refer to this page for details.

What is the differenct between a CO2 Reduction Certificate and a Carbon Offset Certificate ?

A CO2 REDUCTION CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been CANCELLED by the owner. On the other hand A CARBON OFFSET CERTIFICATE proves that a certain amount of Emission Credits have been RETIRED by the owner. Please refer to the question What is the difference between cancelling and retiring Emission Credits? for a more detailed explanation.

Emission Credits and CO2 Reduction Certificate in 3 minutes

This is for those of you who may think .. .
"A certificate that proves that you have reduced CO2? Sounds pretty fishy. Well Ive heard of Emission Trading but I dont understand the details very well."
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