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Hakuba Shoten
3.1   Tons
Publishing Picture Book
User ID : 4005-1379( Organization )

This is a story of a stray cat finding an old wooden house on a very hot humid day in Tokyo.
The Japanese Print pictures through out this book describe the people’s ideas and wisdom of the times.
Some say that current Global Warming and Energy Reduction trends cast a light on the Edo Era of Japan.

Since this picture book has an ecological theme, we have carbon offset the first 1000 prints.
UN Certified Emission Credits (CER's) from a wind farm project in India are used to offset the CO2 emissions to produce and distribute this picture book.
The amount of CO2 emitted for one print of this book is estimated to be 3.1[kg], and the cost 15.5 JPY to carry out the carbon offset is included in the sales price.
Please view the "CO2 Reduction Certificate" page for further details.